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 Brandon, Madison, Jackson, Canton, Ridgeland, Pearl, Florence, Richland, Byram.

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This is a view of a PEX plumbing manifold more common in newer homes.

This is a gas line with a shut off valve in the off position. The seller of this home most likely took their outdoor gas grill. I would strongly recommend a new fixture ( grill ) be installed or a gas cap to prevent gas escape should the valve be turned slightly. Always consult a qualified licensed Mississippi home inspector and or a qualified plumber to inspect gas provisions.

Dryer vent blockage is another common condition found by Mississippi Home inspectors. One of the big energy wasters is a clothes dryer with a stopped up vent provision or one that runs a long distance and makes a couple of twist and turns. The shorter the vent provision the better. Keeping the cover clean so it will open will save money and help keep the dryer from wearing out prematurely. 

In this photo you can see the water in this bathtub is very rusty. It is a good sign the water heater is rusted out and or the water supply piping is rusting. This condition shows up more when a house has set vacant for some time.

You should always have a home inspection before diving in to a real estate purchase.

Victor Scott Adcock

Inspector / Owner

In the Home Inspection Business, You want the owner of the company doing the inspecting.


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As technology has advanced, home inspections have become more comprehensive and detailed. Instead of writing a handwritten report, many inspectors now use laptops to create detailed reports with photos and videos. This allows them to review the condition of the home with the client in real time and provide a more comprehensive view of the property.

The use of photos and videos has become an essential part of the home inspection process, allowing inspectors to capture and document conditions that may not be immediately visible. For example, videos can be used to show the operation of appliances or systems, such as a fireplace gas burner or a plumbing fixture leaking water. In addition to providing a visual record of the condition of the home, photos and videos can also help educate the buyer and provide evidence of any issues that need to be addressed.

As a result, home inspectors must be proficient in using technology and be able to take high-quality photos and videos. This can require a significant investment in equipment and training, but the benefits for both the inspector and the client can be significant. By providing a more comprehensive and accurate view of the property, inspectors can help ensure that the buyer is fully informed and can make an informed decision about the purchase.

























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